Took 11-Oxo for 4 weeks, will be done tomorrow. My PCT is already on hand so that will be my must choice, just want to see if you guys like my dosage.

week 1-2 8 a day
week 3-4 10 a day
tapered to 6 a day for the last few days

i have for PCT

Inhibit-E and Stim Free Blue Up

is this enough for 11-oxo pct?
Inhibit-E 25mgs
Blue Up 2 servings a day

total PCT time only 2 weeks. kinda want to finish test boosting soon as i had overlapped a 40 day primal male/activate xtreme stack into the first week of my 11-oxo so this has been dragging out for 8-9 weeks already. so is 2 weeks for PCT enough and good for 11-oxo?