Somebody tell me what is going wrong

  1. Somebody tell me what is going wrong

    I'm on week 4 of my havoc cycle. Dosage setup as 20/20/30/40. I used superpump every workout until three days ago. I started using JP8 pre workout. I also added pslin at the same time. I have had horrible stomach issues for the first hour of my workout all three days. Each day I've spread the food and workout time further from the JP8. It dosen't change anything. Here's exactly what I took and when today. I hope someone can tell me what is wrong with this.
    6:30am - 10mg Havoc and Breakfest
    9:30am - Cycle Support and Protein
    12:30pm - 10mg Havoc and Lunch
    3pm - Mid Day Meal and MultiVitamin
    6:15pm - 1 Pslin Capsule
    6:30pm - 80g Complex Carb Meal and 20mg Havoc
    7:30pm - 1.5 Scoops of JP8 followed by water
    8:15pm - Began Training - Carried Size On around with me, but sipped very little. Felt sick and on the verge of vomiting. Didn't feel focused or motivated. Strength was the same as usual just had to keep taking breathers so I didn't puke.
    9:15pm - Started to feel better. Started taking down the Size On like normal Muscles felt really full and looked pumped.
    10:00pm Finished Training

    I think its the JP8. I'm just not sure. The pslin seems to be doing what its supposed to. Any ideas what is causing the first hour of my workout to be so sick feeling or why I don't get motivated or focused from the JP8?

  2. my best guess would be the pslin...i know when i tried ap it gave me horrible nausea and just made me wanna crap everywhere....since pslin is stronger it makes could be the combination is havoc and pslin together...but im not sure how that would matter...

  3. try not taking pslin/or jp8 and if continues stomach issues continue quit taking the other one and go ahead and start taking the one you first stopped. trial and error bud.

  4. JP8 is too close to the carb meal, either take the p-slin earlier or get rid of the JP8

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ChooseLife View Post
    JP8 is too close to the carb meal, either take the p-slin earlier or get rid of the JP8
    Probably it. JP8 can cause nausea if you take it too close to your WO with food still in your stomach.

  6. Thanks for the help. I'm going to swap the jp8 for superpump tonight and see what happens.

  7. I am unable to take Anabolic Pump, but I can use P-Slin with no discomfort at all. I have never used JP8 but I have used all the rest, so maybe you could get ahold of Tripdog and see if he has any suggestions on timing to make it work better for you.

  8. I can't use JP8 for the same reason. Update us if your situation improves by switching to the superpump.

  9. Problem Solved! I repeated the same diet as yesterday except I replaced the JP8 with SuperPump 250. My workout was on point the entire workout. Good focus, motivation, pumps, no stomach issues. I don't think the JP8 plays well with others. I do look forward to trying the JP8 again after my Havoc cycle and without the Pslin. Thanks again for your advice and comments.


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