How 5HTP Benefits Both Depression Sufferers and Insomniacs Alike

  1. How 5HTP Benefits Both Depression Sufferers and Insomniacs Alike

    How 5HTP Benefits Both Depression Sufferers and Insomniacs Alike

    5HTP benefits those suffering from depression and/or insomnia. Since depression and insomnia often go hand in hand it is helpful to know that there are treatments out there that address both problems. Research is showing relatively few side effects from using 5HTP so it may be worth a look, especially in light of the severe problems people are having from antidepressants and sleep medicines.

    The benefits of 5 HTP come from its importance in the process of creating neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals in the brain that your body uses to perform certain functions or processes. 5 HTP is an amino acid and is an integral part of creating serotonin. Serotonin is a part of several vital functions in the brain.

    The 5HTP benefits that depression sufferers receive come mainly from the by product of increased serotonin. Depression can often be a result of low serotonin levels. This brain chemical is a part of the processes in the brain that help regulate mood and reduce anxiety, pain levels, etc. If serotonin is a factor in your depression then it may help to add a supplement with 5HTP to your diet.

    The serotonin benefits of 5 HTP are also helpful in dealing with some cases of insomnia. At night your body converts serotonin into melatonin, a different neurotransmitter involved in the process of putting your body into sleep. Some lack of sleep is a result of insufficient levels of melatonin at night...which is often due to a lack of serotonin to be converted into melatonin.

    Adjusting serotonin levels could be exactly what some need to help them with depression or insomnia that is a result of decreased neurotransmitters. The benefits of 5 HTP are also relatively side effect free, especially when compared to prescription antidepressants or sleep medications. Most people don't experience side effects when using 5 HTP and those that do seem to be mostly limited to people taking dosages larger than needed.

    As with any supplement, in order to get the maximum 5HTP benefits you need to do your homework and find a manufacturer with a reputation for quality and who uses pure ingredients. There is enough competition out there in the supplement marketplace that you should be able to get a sense of who has good press and who doesn't.

    Additionally, it is a good idea to discuss any supplement with a knowledgeable health professional before adding it to your diet. While there are few side effects if used in the right dose, there is always the potential for complications with other prescription medicines. The potential harm could outweigh any 5HTP benefits you receive if you aren't careful. Always, make sure you check any herbal or natural supplement ingredients against the medicines you are taking to avoid problems. After that, adding 5 HTP may help you be on your way to a healthier mood and better sleep.

    J. Wall has an avid interest in natural remedies for the treatment of Sleeplessness. He is a regular contributor to the Importance of Sleep section of american sleep disorders association dreams at, a site dedicated to improving sleep for everyone.

    By: J Wall

  2. Is it still effective if taken on a full stomach?

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