Find Out How Can Calcium Supplementation Affect Your Overall Health

Vitamin supplementation is given a lot of importance. However, you should still keep in mind that there is some information available about minerals but is not prevalent and published like the vitamins. People usually do not consider taking mineral supplements, despite the reports that speak about the importance and necessity of doing so, because it is difficult to know how much of a particular mineral your body is lacking.

And many people are scared they might take too much and get ill. While it is true that taking minerals in excess can cause problems, it is also very much true that a mineral deficiency in the body can have an adverse effect on your general health.

Calcium is one of the most essential minerals your body requires. Healthy teeth and bones are the body parts that need this mineral. The clotting of blood and muscle contraction are also influenced by the calcium levels in your body. Osteoporosis, a health condition portrayed by weak bones that increases the risk of fractures, is caused due to calcium deficiency.

Besides, signs of muscle weakness, such as muscle spasms or cramps or also results of calcium deficiency. Pregnant and postmenopausal women, young children, and the elderly have the highest need for calcium. Additionally, you should consider supplementation if you do not consume at least 1200 milligrams each day.

Calcium supplementation may be principally significant to people who are obese. Recent reports have shown that nourishing your body with the sufficient amount of calcium can assist in getting rid of obesity. The reports contend that the calcium quantity in the body is directly proportional to the ability of the body to metabolize fat. The body stores more fat when the calcium levels in the body are insufficient. Calcium has also been found to lessen the risk of colon cancer and heart disease. However the studies are relatively new.

If you are diagnosed for calcium deficiency due to your health concerns and the result is positive, then you will be advised to take vitamin D and K. Vitamins D and K you?re your body to absorb calcium and are also beneficial to healthy bones. It is very important that you do not take more than the recommended quantity of calcium and vitamins D and K. Excessive amounts of any of these minerals can pose serious threats.

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By: Len Gibb