DS Activate Extreme or M-Stack?

  1. DS Activate Extreme or M-Stack?

    I was recently asking around to see if people could tell me how much more effective DS Activate Extreme is compared to m-Stack. I have taken M-Stack before and it has been highly effective as a nutrient partitioning agent. Does DS Activate Extreme have any of these characteristics? And how natural is it compared to M-stack?

  2. they are both NATURAL products...ax is a divanil based test booster...it might be fun to stack the two...search about ax and divanil...if ur looking for a great all in one test booster i recommend DTH...

  3. try stacking them but if you want to run solo i can tell you i prefer ax

  4. Activate Extreme is good and I got solid results from it. I then tried DTH and got better results way faster. Both are good, but I prefer DTH. Good luck!!

  5. AX>M-Stack



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