Has anyone heard of this or used this before? It seems to be able to speed up the healing process. I found these interesting reads.

Often referred to as the 'Russian anabolic secret', 6-Methyluracil (6-MU) serves a variety of purposes. Its primary role is its involvement in the synthesis and repair of DNA and RNA. In essence this means that 6-Methyluracil is an excellent supplement for improving both muscle repair and growth. Other benefits from supplementing with 6-Methyluracil include faster healing of wounds and increased cognitive function.

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The effects of 6-methyluracil given in single intraperitoneal doses of 50 and 2.7 mg/kg on the healing of burn wounds and some physicochemical parameters of lipid peroxidation regulation were studied in the liver and erythrocytes of noninbred albino rats with thermal burns. 6-Methyluracil was shown to alter the time course of a wound process and to accelerate the healing of burn wounds. The drug doses under study were found to exert a great effect on the level of lipid antioxidative activity and the composition of phospholipids of the liver and erythrocytes, which remained for a long time after burn. The findings suggest the hypothesis that the capacity of 6-methyluracil to be involved in the regulation of lipid peroxidation processes underlies its therapeutic effect.
PMID: 7610007 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Interesting but what exactly does it mean and can this benefit us as bodybuilders?