Bodybuilding Supplements A Two Sided Story On Creakic

Creakic is a dietary supplement that is very popular with serious bodybuilders. This supplement works in a unique manner. Many people have tried this supplement and there are mixed reviews as to its effectiveness. It's also important that you have a basic familiarity with Creakic and how it works. Then we will get into the reviews that include both negative and positive responses. Finally we will summarize the findings.

Creakic works by preventing ROS-reactive oxygen species from disrupting the muscles' ability to absorb and utilize creatine to grow and provide added strength during workouts. It also prevents potential damage to the muscle cells' integrity. It is haled as the world's first and the world's only "muscle creatine receptor hyper-activator". Basically, it prevents the ROS from damaging the muscle cells' membrane and enhancing the ability to absorb creatine to the benefit of mass and strength gain.

Reviews can be either positive or negative and only sometimes neutral. There are no neutral reviews; they are either positive or negative. The more positive reviews include a statement that says one individual noted good results with an increase of approximately 15 pounds or better on the bench (amount of weight lifted). Others have reported great gains in mass and in strength. This translates into gains in inches and longer more intense workouts. When it was rated as either real or fake, 19 responders voted the product to be real.

The negative reviews however make the statement that no significant gains were experienced. It is further noted by responders that Creakic simply doesn't work. It is also not worth the expense as noted by others. Where Creakic was rated either fake or real, 57 voted that it was in their experience fake.

It would appear that the general consensus of opinions regarding Creakic and its effectiveness is that there seem to be more negative opinions/experiences than positive ones. Its 'fake' rating far exceeds (57) the 'real' rating of only 19. Experiences and expenses seem to be the factors in these responses.

Creakic is a body builder's tool, or at least one of the tools that will help them increase body mass and strength. The reviews seem to indicate that it is not a favored product despite the claims made by the makers of Creakic. No definitive conclusion can be made except to say that it will affect each user differently and it should be kept in mind when considering the use of this product.

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By: Jean Helmet