best protein powder brand and type?

  1. best protein powder brand and type?

    which is the best protein powder brand and type? for best gains

  2. Optimum's 100% Whey or Pro Rated 100% whey.

  3. I go with Optimum. Good product at a good price. Later

  4. this question is one which does not have a definite answer man. Unless someone goes out, takes samples of each protein manufacturer and test its efficiency, no one can tell you whats best. If you're asking for each individual's preference as far as taste, cost, accessibility, and/or mixability...then thats something else. Ive tried optimum, eas simiply, sportsone whey2, vp2 isolate, isopure, and maybe some others as for straight whey. For blends, ive had metrx protein plus, hdt problend55, and labrada's prov60. I choose simply and metrx protein plus for the two categories. (both in chocolate) now, this is putting cost and taste together. but hey, the old saying goes (which is pretty close to the truth)....whey is whey. (ha)

  5. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Optimum's 100% Whey or Pro Rated 100% whey.
    I agree. Of course Bobo should be in here at any point talking about casein, egg, and whey blends ands slow releasing aminos and how whey alone is not enough besides post workout

    I just use whole foods for other protein sources.

  6. I'll tell you what bro, alot of people would flame you for asking a question like that.  Especially since flaming questions like that are part of the history of many people who made the pilgrimage to this board.  With that being said, we are not about flaming here and I won't tolerate it.  So whats the point?  Clearly you are new to things, perhaps bodybuilding in general or maybe just supplementation.  Obviously you are a newbie to our board that is fine.  My suggestion to you is to do some research, read some posts, and maybe check out big cats articles over at  The link is

    Dont take this as an insult because it is not my intention.  Just trying to offer some advice.



  7. Originally posted by Jfcripped21
    which is the best protein powder brand and type? for best gains
    lol don't you just love how people invariably add the "for the best gains" to the end? As if one would ask a question like: "What's the best protein powder brand and type for mild, slow, completely mediocre gains?" Not a flame , just an observation. I use Optimum for straight whey, I've heard people complain about the taste but I don't know why, I think it tastes great. Mixes well. Interested in Pro Rated though as it is so damn cheap. If you're just now looking for some good protein supps here's some advice: find the reputable companies, big and reputable would be best (as in the case of Optimum, lowers prices due to volume), other than that it is all preference so buy small tubs until you find what you like. Good luck.

  8. Good call with the pro-rated YJ. Here's a link for it****1307

  9. hydrolyzed whey protein isolate with enzymes added produces fastest absorbtion. its too expensive. get whey protein isolate. optimum, prolab, or eas are usually cheap companies to get whey isolate from

  10. Go with a few of the higher-quality isolated wheys and see which one you like and can afford.
    I personally go for VP2 (AST) because of it's fast absorbtion and lack of side effects (bloating etc)
    Note that it isn't the best tasting stuff in the world (well ok, it tastes yeuch!) but it's not so bad mixed with apple juice.
    You really just need to find one that you can stomach - literally

  11. Originally posted by Jfcripped21
    which is the best protein powder brand and type? for best gains
    Welcome bro.

    As you can see it is a tough questions to answer with many opinons.


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