How to make CEE and AEE taste better??

  1. How to make CEE and AEE taste better??

    I just picked up a batch from 1 fast. I have been getting great results from my current stack. CEE,AEE,BA,CM,l-norvaline,tyrosine,and a little bit of good ol' caffiene. However the CEE,and AEE is hard to swallow,seriously,i am getting bitter beer face just thinking about it.

    I know what some of you guy's are gonna say already"cap it" Yeah capping it is a major fricking pain in the arse,and it takes to much time to do so.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

  2. parachute it....

  3. i thought CEE was discovered to be worthless....

  4. You aren't going to make these taste better; parachute them, or back of tongue and rinse down with water.

  5. Yeah, AEE tastes like stinky dead fishy prawns. I was extremely happy when I finally finished it.

    Try switching to AAKG, it's pretty much tasteless.

  6. AEE made me want to die.. I dreaded getting home and taking it.. but then after the taste went away I started loving it haha.

  7. Parachuting it is the way to go, my life got alot better after I learned this little trick

  8. As mentioned 'chute it or do it shoot-and-chase style. If those don't work for you, you can get gatorade in powder form (or crystal light, sug-free kool aid if you dont have room for the carbs) and add massive amounts to your powders and mix them with very little water. It will mask the taste, but nothing takes it completely away.

  9. I bought the NP Ultimate Mass Pump Stack (CEE, AEE, CM) and NP Beta Alanine. The best way to take that I've found is to get about 5-6 oz of HOT water, mix in all the ingredients of the stack. I even add in some Bulk Mono. Everything should disolve in the HOT water. Once disolved then add low sugar cranberry juice to taste (Mine is about 50mix/50juice). It seems to cut the taste very well and comes off like a slightly tart cranberry drink. I imagine any juice would work. I use about 2-3 grams of each ingredient in the stack and kick back 3-4 RPM caps and I'm ready for the gym in about 45minutes. Good Luck with this.


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