1-T lotion with powdered 4-AD transdermal stacked, GOOD?

  1. 1-T lotion with powdered 4-AD transdermal stacked, GOOD?

    is this a good stack?....Ive got one bottle of the PP 1-T and also 1 bottle of the PP lotion with pre-ban powdered 4-AD mixed in it.....IS this a good stack? Ive read so....why would this be a good stack to run?

    ALso i only have 1 of each but want to do a 6 weeker....how would I run it?

    ive got my on cycle figured out and my PCT figured out too...

    i just need some ideas how to run this stack....

    ive also got 1 week at 2 pills a day left of the H-drol

    how you guys think I should run it?

  2. whats a guy gotta do around here to get some replies?

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