Fat Burner

  1. Fat Burner

    Which would you get for the best fat loss with minimized stim? Let's try to get atleast 15 replies

    Lean FX
    VPX Meltdown
    Lipolyze and Somalyze
    DCP and LR

  2. i like dcp myself

  3. I'm currently on my second day of my beloved DCP/Lev R stack again! Great stack, but it does have stimulant effects from the LevR. Meltdown was excellent at providing clean smooth energy, NOT jittery type energy. At first though for some reason, the Meltdown did not fall well with me, but then got a whole lot better. Can't chime in on it's fat burning properties, as I did not use it for that, strictly used it for long hours at work. As far as NO stim effects and good fat burning, DCP!

  4. Recreate has a low stimulant inclusion with great results. Thermo, appetite suppression, increased work capacity, even test boosting capibilities, etc.

    Stacked with Anabolic-Pump, the results are unmatched.

  5. REDuction
    DCP & LR
    Lean FX

    would be my choices.

  6. Thanks for the replies, can we get some more opinions? What about reduction and dcp rather than LR?

  7. let's add animal cuts in there too


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