Cortisol Blocker

  1. Cortisol Blocker

    Most of the cortisol blockers I see have some form of DHEA, would this be bad to take if you are gyno prone? How would I take this during pct to make sure I didn't have rebound when I'm done?

  2. Even though most cortisol blockers, at least the good ones, are a metabolite of DHEA, more specifically a metabolite of 7 KETO DHEA, they dont convert to estrogen to you wont get gyno from them. You will wanna look through the forums here for PCT threads and plan out your PCT before you start any roids/PHs, I dont have any experience with it so I cant really help you but you should def get all the facts before hand so you dont mess up yer endocrine system or just lose all your gains.

  3. Here is a list of good cortisol blockers:

    Phosphatidylserine >> need about 800 mg
    Creatine monohydrate & Puryvate >> good synergy
    DHEA >> not that safe (man boobs, hair loss...) >> look into 7-Keto Dhea

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