Adding preworkout supp to current stack

  1. Adding preworkout supp to current stack

    Hey guys, right now i am using the anabolic pump/recreate stack and loving it. i feel pretty good and fairly energized throughout my day. When it comes time to lift though, i lose that mental edge that recreate is supposed to deliver even when i dose it right before my workout. can i add a preworkout energizer (no xplode, caffeine pills, etc..) to my current stack or would that be too much. im trying to get rid of my stubborn belly fat before spring break but am having a little trouble.

    Current supps:
    Anabolic pump (3/day)
    Recreate (4/day)
    NP Fish oil (8/ day)
    NP CLA (8/day)
    Sesamin oil (1 tsp/day)
    NP Green tea (3/day)
    NP ALCAR (3/day)
    EAS 100% whey
    EAS Creatine mono
    Multi vitamin


  2. I forgot to add that both my workout and diet are solid. plus im adding some HIT cardio a few days a week on top of my strength training.

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