Q about Mitotropin

  1. Q about Mitotropin

    Is mitotropin catabolic? I ask because I read these thyroid fat burners are mostly catabolic.

    I want to give the supp a shot but not if it actually eats me away.

    Reps for good answers

  2. Where have you read that? The ones that stimulate the thyroid have been known to help prevent muscle loss, like how ephedra was a big deal, no matter what when you cut you will lose some muscle mass unless you're pinning yourself with tren acetate.

  3. I really can't back up where I read it, because I don't remember where.
    Sounds good then, thanks for the reply, repped

  4. Thanks bro, I'm using one thats a thyroid stimulator right now, I'll tell ya the results once I'm done with the bottle.

  5. mitotropin has both forms of T2 in it, so it has the potential to be catabolic, but for the most part that is something overrated (the whole concept of catabolism). Unless you are doing starvation diet with it, its not particularly catabolic.

  6. Thanks, I'd appreciate it Bettr
    I see Easy... thanks for the reply. If I use this I'll probably use it on a clean bulk. I'm not fat or anything, I just wanted to use it for definition. Repped.

  7. also whats good about this product is that it doesnt make you hypo out of your mind like if you were to take hydroxycut. You dont feel the effects of it, but it does work

  8. it ok on a cut, just dont be eating 1500 cals below maintenance and expect to not loose muscle


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