1. GPLC

    I would really like to hear from people who have tried it. Does this stuff really work as far as increasing n.o./pumps. The Glyc-N-Go tablets looks very interesting.

  2. I have only used it in the Presurge i have right now. The pumps and vascularity are on a different level with this stuff...and it has me more interested in GPLC...sorry i couldn't offer any stand alone info but i look forward to the response you get on this as i am also interested
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  3. The only products I have tried that have it also had arginine too, so its effectiveness is hard to determine, but it is mentioned in one of the new articles on as one of 6 n.o. products to use. I did have some sick pumps though!

  4. I tried dr best gplc and I personally don't think it make a difference, I know that there are studies that show that it really increases NO but if you ask me gplc alone doesn't worth it but in a formula it may be a good thing

  5. In human clinical trials GPLC is the only amino that actually increased NO product not Arginine in Humans. Arginine did increase NO production but in lab settings and lab rats. Not humans. You will see more and more companies leaving arginine and switching over to GPLC like pre surge and a new product from AEN that will have a even higher full dose of GLPC in there product. I love it. Iv been using pre surge since it came out.

  6. Does anyone know where I can get some bulk Glycocarn aside from PF?


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