Supps and blood for surgery

  1. Supps and blood for surgery

    I will be having surgery on December 19 and my doctor told me not to take asprin, high amounts of vitamin E, or any supps that will thin or have an effect on my blood 2-3 weeks before the surgery. For my cutting I am currently using (not necessarily together or all in the same day):
    Tight, flax oil, green tea, and CLA

    I didn't think flax or CLA would make a difference, but I'm not sure about Tight. Never been under the knife before..what you guys think?

  2. When you go under the knife, they are also concerned with reactions with other medicines that may be used and Tight may have problems there, not to mention that it probably raises your blood pressure. Flax will make your blood "thinner" since Omega 3s are natural blood thinners, so that would also be bad to have prior to an operation. IMO, you should drop all of these and be 100% natural, just to make sure.

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