Bulk Cissus Dosing

  1. Bulk Cissus Dosing

    I have used USP's Super Cissus, for joint pain, in the past and loved it.

    Seeing as though they have a sale going on at NP right now I intend on buying 100 grams.

    My question pertains to dosing. How often should I dose and how much should I use. Also should I consider capping, or would it be alright just to mix some in water and drink it down?

  2. Cissus dosing

    Hope that helps!

  3. I'm assuming you are talking about the Bulk Super Cissus RX?...I just bought some myself. Seeing how each capsule of Super Cissus is 750mg, and they recommend taking 2 capsules daily, I'll be taking 2g daily, equivalent to 2.66caps, split up pre-workout (AM) and before bed.

  4. how is the bulk rx working?

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