micronized BA?

  1. micronized BA?

    I've been buying bulk Beta-Alanine from NP. Is there a micronized version? I'm looking for a fine powder to add to some extend.

  2. I hear ya. I just tried using a mortar and pestle to grind up NP bulk BA for my extend. Don't bother doing this unless you have time and energy on your hands- 3 minutes to grind 10 grams and I started to break a sweat...i think i'll stick to adding it separately! Also, I would try a coffee grinder, but i don't have one.

  3. I guess its not micronized, but I never noticed an issue with dissolving it; just throw 2g in with your BA and swirl. And I take 2g straight preWO.

  4. We grind ours in the coffee grinder..works great!

  5. There really isn't a need to micronize BA since it dissolves perfectly fine in water.

  6. I'm not concerned about it disolving. I'm concerned about an even distribution when mixed in with a tub of extend. I don't want any "hot spots". The NP version is large crystals. I'd bet they seperate when added to a tub of extend. I'll try to coffee grinder.

    I'd like to get some extend, add BA and citruline malate and have everything in one easy to use container.

    I'd bet there's a simmilar product available, but It wouldn't taste like watermellon extend

  7. Get the coffee grinder that you can push the button, then walk away. Makes things super simple.
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