So, PRIME or Activate with M Stak?

  1. So, PRIME or Activate with M Stak?

    My main goal is to see muscle gains, I'm strong enough so strength gains aren't that important to me. What's better to stack with M Stak for mass gains, Activate or PRIME?

  2. hmm well I am introducing prime soon, but I havent used it yet. Everything I have read from users shows it to be mainly strength gains if any. Activate would be my choice for mass between the two... Are you entertaining other suggestions as well?
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  3. none of those for mass.
    try somthing like CM WMS and betal9
    and ull get big!!
    also xfactor is good for mass

    oo u want somthing to stack with mstak try animal test

  4. Honetly if you are looking for mass, go with Massfx and x-factor, good for overall recomp, I gained 7lbs off prime and still have kept it,but I feel recomp s better with the two I mentioned, especially as you up your caloric intake.
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  5. I would try the Prime. Could be a good combo.


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