So, PRIME or Activate with M Stak?

  1. So, PRIME or Activate with M Stak?

    My main goal is to see muscle gains, I'm strong enough so strength gains aren't that important to me. What's better to stack with M Stak for mass gains, Activate or PRIME?

  2. hmm well I am introducing prime soon, but I havent used it yet. Everything I have read from users shows it to be mainly strength gains if any. Activate would be my choice for mass between the two... Are you entertaining other suggestions as well?

  3. none of those for mass.
    try somthing like CM WMS and betal9
    and ull get big!!
    also xfactor is good for mass

    oo u want somthing to stack with mstak try animal test

  4. Honetly if you are looking for mass, go with Massfx and x-factor, good for overall recomp, I gained 7lbs off prime and still have kept it,but I feel recomp s better with the two I mentioned, especially as you up your caloric intake.
    doing my own thang!

  5. I would try the Prime. Could be a good combo.


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