online scammer

  1. online scammer

    got this from a trusted buddy via e-mail:

    just came about that there is a company that is offering a free trial and all you pay is shipping ($4.99).
    >First sneaky thing they do is charge unwanted insurance.
    >Then you get charged for an Autoship that you never get, about $90.
    >the worst part is that is may be a front to support muslim extremists in the US.
    >the following products are the culprits:
    >FWM Laboratories
    >Healthy Labs
    >Acai Berry Cleanse
    >Life Cleanse
    >Colon 700
    >Others in the making.

    I have researched this and found it not to be an urban legend or SPAM. please be careful when purchasing from online companies and stick with companies that are safe

  2. that is why i only buy my supps from trusted sites, for the past nine months since i found NP I've only been buying there, i get almost everything i need there

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