GNC Mega Man Sport: Yellow Pee

  1. GNC Mega Man Sport: Yellow Pee

    Hey i sumtimes take this before i workout, maybe 15-30 min before.

    But i got a weird question lol. if anyone has taken this or anything similar, it makes my pee REALLY yellow, is that good or bad, or ok? lol

    PS: am i taking it at the best times?

  2. completely normal, and it doesn't really matter when u take it.

  3. noiceeee, lol i wasnt really worried but just curiouse if its normal.

    does anyone know why it become soooo yellow? like does this happen wit other supp like dis?


  4. one of the b vitamins, forgot which. Riboflavin I think.

  5. ^^ correct.

  6. I normally take one at a time instead of 2 tablets as it says that way you arnt just pissing away vitamins.

  7. ya i only take 1 also, i bet if i took 2 my pee would be solid yellow, that would look weird =0

  8. B vitamins are the most commonly blamed for urine color, but really any vitamins can do it. Alot of the vitamins you take aren't absorbed by your body and just get flushed out your system. The body can only absorb so many vit/min at once, wich is a good reason to spit your dose up, and don't buy something JUST because it has "66,799%" of the USRA of something. It's most likely wasted, and can actually hinder your uptake of other key vit/min that your body really needs.
    Dehydration also causes excessive urine color, so make sure your drinking lots of water.

  9. haha lol i started with two as well and my pee looked like freaking straight mountain dew lol... i was like DAMNN... ive now switched to one at a time...

  10. just drink more water and take them with meals
    SFW and GFH


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