Thanks, AM Community!

  1. Thanks, AM Community!

    I want to thank the AM Community. I joined here a month ago, and my stack was Creakic, NO Explode, Leukic, along with ON 211, Gold Standard, and ProComplex (also my multi, fish oil, etc.)

    This month my stack is:
    Neovar, White Flood, Purple Wraath, and Anabolic Pump.

    See what I mean? Thanks guys and girls!

  2. Looks good Let us know how the supps work out for you, and I hope we've taught you a thing or two about the importance of diet and training too.

  3. The information on this forum is priceless. It helps when it comes to putting an effective (also cost effective) stack together. Looks like you read up a bit and will have success with your next stack. NeoVar is one of my favorite creatine supplements.

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