Need advice on how to stack PLEASE!!!

  1. Need advice on how to stack PLEASE!!!

    I have an order coming for: NOW beta alanine:Primaforce citrulline mallate:Both powder not capsules

    I need advice on how to stack/take this. Never used any of these 2 supps but i have done my homework and with my current stack I believe these are a solid addition and Scientifically proven to be effective, not just placebo effect or speculation. So I will break down what i currently take and obviously the beta and citrulline are pre workout but might be effective intra workout and post? So just need some advice, here's the breakdown of what i take now:
    Dynamatize multi vitamin
    ON whey: 1 scopp in morning 1 scoop pre and 2 scoops post
    Higher power 45%egcg green tea first thing in morning and another in afternoon
    Fish oil: got liquid stuff now so 3-4 times a day
    Prolab "Creapure" German made Creatine mono: 5G pre and 5G post
    Primaforce ZMA: 3 at night
    ON BCAA: 1 scoop pre and 1 scoop post

    I need to know how to take these effectively
    Do i take the BCAA and Creatine and citrulline and beta alanine all pre workout and if so what dose of the beta alanine and citrulline malate.

    Do i need a sweetner like dextrose to take the beta and citrulline cause i usualy throw the creatine and bcaa in my protein which by the way is rocky road flavored.

    Are any of these effective intra workout or post?

    Just basically need a real good recipe of how to combine the supps and the timing to maximize my gains and results. Thank you for the time and any input is greatly appreciated!!!!

  2. beta alanine citrulline malate help

    anyone have any ideas please?

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