usp labs asteroid stack safe?

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    usp labs asteroid stack safe?

    I have 2 questions if anyone can help me out usp labs asteroid stack is it safe for a 20yr. old and does it need a pct. I am 5'10 185lb.

  2. Ironloo
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    Yea i been training very hard and could use something safe so i shoudnt use powerfull

  3. No PCT required, that's only for Pro-Hormones/Designer Steroids/AAS.

    No reason you can't use powerfull, although you might like some http://www.****************/product/u...100-grams.html pre-bed.

    Before I recommend other supps, what's your diet and training look like? My typical suggestions are
    Gaining mass in a nutshell (a big nutshell)

    Staples: Whey (Best value & taste ) , Creatine (Monohydrate works , and is $13/kg), Fish Oils (10/day of the 180/120 EPA/DHA is a good starting point), Good Multi (I like ADAM ), ZMA ( Best Value ) . To put on mass you need to expend more cals; a great source of fats that I personally swear by are Coconut Oil , boosts thyroid, metabolism, positively linked with test levels, and I find it gives me more energy. I like 1 Tbsp pre-bed, and elsewhere as needed. You might want to take some casein pre-bed, either cottage cheese or something like ON's Casein .
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    thanks steveoph im new here im taking zma, glutamine and whey. as for my diet i currently just got done cutting lost strength from running with a weighted vest like an animal i weigh 185lb. i eat 4,000 cals a day which i think i need to increase to 4,500 or 5,000 i work at a lumber yard m-f 9 hrs a day and run 3 days a week with a vest and lift weights till i cant move so i burn cals up quick i want to get back to my old weight and strength when i was 205lb any help on diet or supps much appreciated.

  5. want to gain stop running, walk, your burning a ****load of cals



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