If you were to design your own pre & post work out supplements what blend ...........

  1. If you were to design your own pre & post work out supplements what blend ...........

    If you were to design your own pre & post work out supplements what blend of ingredients would you have?

    Pre Work Out Stim - e.g. 3000mg l-argine, 1000mg taurine + 200mg caffeine

    Post Work out Recovery - e.g. 3000mg creatine mono, 2000mg CEE + 3000mg glutamine
    etc etc.

    Use any ingredients you would like if you were to buy it, don't make it so it costs 100 a tub. we are in a credit crunch lol.

    looking forward to see what you all think

  2. as a plane and simple mix i use
    5 grams pre/post of creatine and glutamine.
    5gms arginine pre.
    2gms of beta alanine pre/post
    5gms bcaa pre/post
    5gms leucine pre/post

    buy these in bulk from NP and you'll save samo cash, theres plenty of other things u can add these are just the basics


  3. 2 grams arginine ethyl ester
    2 grams orthonine
    8 grams taurine
    (reccommended dosage of nor-valine)
    2 grams tyrosine
    3 grams creatine gluconate

    That would be a sick pre-workout formula IMO.

    Postworkout? Just use NO-Synthesize. It's got everything. I love that stuff.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  4. Pre:
    5g CM
    2g BA
    3g l-arginine
    200mg caffeine
    3g GMS
    5 g BCAAs
    I've run that before and it gives some sick pumps and ridiculous endurance. You can get all that for like, $25 a month. If you want a little mental boost, you could toss in about 500mg sulbutiamine, but that's costly.

    5g Creatine gluconate
    5g leucine
    5g glutamine
    5g EAAs

    Hmm... i think that would be it for post workout... Aside from WPI and some form of a creatine I am not real big on the whole post workout trend.

  5. Pre-
    3 Meltdown (has all energy ingrediants I would want)
    10g glutamine
    10-14g BCAA
    5g CEE
    3g AEE
    5g BA
    1g vit C

    10g glutamine
    14g BCAA/EAA mix
    5g CEE
    1g vit C



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