JP8 Taste?

  1. JP8 Taste?

    Now this is coming from someone who loves the taste of BSN NO-Explode. But I wanted to try the JP8 and I must say that I really can take the taste of the grape version. I'm not sure If I just taking it wrong but I'm taking by the directions on the bottel. And it is really not to water disslovable is it. I'm not knocken on it I've heard it is really good for a pre-workout supp. and when I do get it down I do have a good workout. So I'm going to take it. Just need to know if there is a better way to take it, aside from with water.
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  2. You can add it to some grape-containing juice. Or what I do is take the powder straight, then have 500 mL of water afterwards. But that was for the lemonade, the grape should be more enjoyable, might actually want to savour it

  3. I've added sugar-free kool aid powder and had a lot better results.

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