Newb who feels a bit taken

  1. Newb who feels a bit taken

    Hi all, I'm sportbike rider who wants to get in better shape for this track season and possibly try my hand at racing. In order to do so I've decided to hit the gym. I started out going the first 8 times in 2 weeks without taking supplements to get into the groove of working out then decided i need to make sure my body was getting what i needed to serve the purpose i had for working out... Lean muscle mass and endurance.

    After reading a few of the post's here i see that i may have been taken a good sales person @ gnc. They recommended the Mega Men Sport vitapack + hydroxycut hour to 30 mins before workout. I took the advise and have been using it for 3 days and feel fine... the question is..

    Is there anything better i should be taking to accomplish my goal's of turning 255 into 200lbs while gaining lean muscle mass and longer muscle endurance? I've seen post that suggest NOW Adam?

    Workout routine:
    M : upper body circuit ~ 30 mins and 30 mins of intense cardio (elliptical)
    T : lower body circuit ~ 30 mins and 30 mins of intense cardio (elliptical)
    W : rest
    T : ab workout ~ 20 mins and 30 mins cardio (same)
    F : full curcuit ~ 1 hour and 30 mins cardio
    S&S : at least an hour of cardio (walk through the neighborhood)

    any suggestions would be most helpfull .. TIA

  2. Except for being a bit pricey, the supplements in that system will help you along the way. Although there are many cheaper routes out there for next time.

  3. Those two supps are fine. Everybody gets taken once or twice when it comes to buying supplements, its inevitable.
    Remember why you started.

  4. GNC /MuscleTech bashing...very odd

  5. A full day of abs? Why?

    I'd say revamp your workout a little and tell us about your diet.
    You say you want to lose 55lb. That's a lot of work, but very achievable.

    Have you thought of maybe 45 minutes of lifting and only 15 minutes of intense cardio?
    How many calories are you eating in a day?

    When it comes to cardio, I don't believe that more is better. Cortisol is the enemy and it's why I try to keep my cardio sessions short but efficient. Maybe look at HIIT cardio or something like that where your body gets the benefit of a 30 minute run in a 15 minute period of time w/o releasing too much cortisol.

    As for the products you have. GNC sucks, blah blah blah (now that that's out of the way.) If you're taking a vitamin pak and you're only taking it once a day, your body might better utilize it if it's taken post workout with your post workout meal. Your body just used up a lot of...well...everything and could use the stuff in your multi, no matter what brand it is. If you're wanting to keep taking your multi earlier, there's a great product from RPN called Noxidant that helps to "ensure an optimal anabolic environment and maximize your results," when taken after you train.

    Instead of taking hydroxycut prior to your workout you could always return that for something more conducive for optimal workouts like RPM from AppNut or Anabolic Pump from USPLabs (both available from GNC) or you could get your stripes and order something NP.

    Welcome to the board. Hope you're able to reach your goal. As I'm sure you're aware 55lb is not something that will happen in a few months. Stick with it though, it'll happen in no time. Word of advice; don't weigh yourself every day. Stick it to at most once a week. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send a PM or run a search.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  6. I think those sups are fine but as said above there are cheaper ones.

    If you are doing a lot of training and especially in warmer weather I would really suggest you take a look at poseidon. It really is good.
    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  7. GNC has a 30 day money back guarantee, if you have the receipt take them back, tell them you just didnít feel that it was working, I use the mega man sports, They run deals on them from time to time but very far and few apart, But I agree with the above you can get the same supplements for a lot less, NOW is a decent brand, and by far cheaper..

  8. good posts by all here.

    and although Muscletech gets a bad rap, Hydroxycut is pretty decent.

    just stay away from Anabolic Halo & Nano Vapor or whatever it's called, IMO. waste of money.

  9. GNC has "some" good stuff in there, although most of it is way overpriced. I also take the Mega Men Sport vitamins but thats about all I buy there unless I need something asap.
    Remember why you started.

  10. First off, Thanks folks for making this newb feel welcome

    Second, thanks for all the really good advice i'm not training in the heat at the moment... but tx in the summer equals nothing but heat and humidity. I'll look into the NOW brand of products as those seem to be a common stay with these forums.

    One last question... my plan was to take these sup's until they run out then stop for 2 to 3 weeks before taking them again... is that recommended or should you take them the length of your "off season training"?

    Update: Down 10lbs and have converted what I believe to be 10lbs of fat into better tissue scale doesn't show that much progress but I feel it... I suppose that's normal and thus the weigh yourself once a week as to not get discouraged : D

    Thanks again!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Brother View Post GNC /MuscleTech bashing...very odd

    well really no reason too the two products he bought are solid a bit pricey unless on sale but besides that very good imo

  12. I always used the GNC Mega Men Sport vitamins, until I noticed that Opti Men from Optimum Nutrition have the exact same ingredients, yet it is dosed higher in Opti Men and is also much cheaper and coming from a better company in my opinion.

    GNC will take you for a ride if you let them.
  13. dpfisher
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    GNC whey isn't bad if you wait for the 2 for one deals and buy four tubs and sign up for that gold card. The sale comes around pretty often. I prefer the strawberry flavor because it mixes well with fruit and stuff in the blender.

  14. The best I've ever seen GNC do is give a buy one get one 50% off sale, which is still to much considering the deals elsewhere. Not to mention, walk into a GNC on the last day of the month and look at the sale prices.

    Walk in the first day of the month (gold card week) and notice that overnight all those prices went up 20% and in some cases more. So that 20% discount you paid 15 bucks for is useless. I shopped there to long...
  15. dpfisher
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    That's weird, I've gotten 12lbs whey for $40 there a few times. Half the cost of ATW, but doesn't taste as good. But at least with them I know I won't get the wrong flavor in the mail then open it like an idiot without looking, which happened to me 2 weeks ago. I have 10 lbs of "cupcake batter" which I'm getting used to but it's still just awful.

  16. Maybe your lucky and your GNC is a franchise run location, all the ones in my area are corp. stores now and the deals are no where near as good as the one of the old stores that was a franchise.

  17. have you ever thought of taking a bodybuilder approach to this? Not do 30 minute upper and lower body workouts but more of a chest/tri, back/bi, leg/shoulder/traps type setup with cardio added after that? Not only will you lose the weight but also gain muscle which in turn will make you faster as well.


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