What is Best non Thermogenic Fat Burner

  1. What is Best non Thermogenic Fat Burner

    Hi All,

    I have been using Venom, Levithan, and Lipo 6X for a while one after another but I found out that it is important to have break between thermogenics I would like to know which one is best non thermogenic fat burner.

    I am 188 Lbs and 5 feet 7 Inches Tall need to lose 10 percent of body fat.

    I go to Gym regularly and also watching my diet too. but need some supplements to help me reach my goals fast

  2. diet needs to be in check as well as your workouts, try HIIT training with lots of cardio, im not sure if it is a thermo but ive read many good things about recreate, as well as the dcp/leviathan reloaded stack and dcp/recreate stack, and the recreate/anabolic pump stack these are good fat burners but losing fat takes time cant be accomplished in a day ya kno takes time, low intensity cardio for long period of time like 20-30 mins is good its what ive been doing and im losing about a pound a week but my diet isnt in check yet, and im doing all i can to keep my muscle instead of losing it so it all depends on you my friend

  3. napalm...**** is off the hook

  4. While not necessarily a fat burner...i love Anabolic Pump in cutting situations. I don't use many fat burners(at my age its not really needed yet) but DCP is my go to when i need something. Also bulk forskolin is a good non stim extra!
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  5. Def try DCP, its amazing, also try and cut out a large portion of your carb intake. Dont do just cardio to lose fat, you can lose all the bodyfat you want only doing weight training just make sure your intensity is up in the gym.


  6. Driven Sports Lean Xtreme

  7. Thanks to all for your feed back. I would like to add couple of things.

    1 I am watching my diet and already cutting carbs

    2: I am 36 Years of Age

    3: I think Levithan or DCP are thermogenic fat burners and I am looking for some non thermogenic that I can use while I am cycling myself off from Thermogenic stuff

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bigpapa View Post
    napalm...**** is off the hook

    He is correct burns fat blocks cortisol and you dont' feel a thing

  9. Recreate
    Anabolic Pump

  10. I think the OP is confusing thermogenic with stimulant. All thermos are not stims (e.g. DCP, HEAT).
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  11. All these work well for me.

    dcp (night time fat burner)
    lean extreme (cutting)
    alcar (w preworkout drink)
    sesamin (1 hr. preworkout)

  12. Quote Originally Posted by qball View Post
    All these work well for me.

    dcp (night time fat burner)
    lean extreme (cutting)
    alcar (w preworkout drink)
    sesamin (1 hr. preworkout)
    Don't take Sesamin pre-WO; it reduces inflammation and can lower hypertrophy.
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  13. Qball that's a sweet stack. I'm currently on Recreate and Cissus ( primaforce ) and I'm digging the Recreate, and I love Cissus. I'm just waiting on my tub of Poseidon to show up ......i'm gonna pick up some more alcar as well.



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