Is it safe to take ephedra the same time as taking NO?

  1. Is it safe to take ephedra the same time as taking NO?

    Simply question, I'm planning to start taking some ephedrine HCL stacked with caffeine pills in a few weeks, however my cycle with N.O. Xplode will coincide with this. Is it okay to take the HCL stack before my workout along with the NO? Or should I just take the HCL without the caffeine pills along with the NO? I'm not really looking for a complete rush followed by a crash, and I'm only taking the HCL for weight loss purposes. In essence I guess the question is is ephedrine + NO a good mix?

    This really only applies to 3 days of the weeks, as I dont take NO before cardio.

  2. i would just skip the caffiene pills and take the ephedra + no product u should be fine

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