Is it safe to take ephedra the same time as taking NO?

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    Is it safe to take ephedra the same time as taking NO?

    Simply question, I'm planning to start taking some ephedrine HCL stacked with caffeine pills in a few weeks, however my cycle with N.O. Xplode will coincide with this. Is it okay to take the HCL stack before my workout along with the NO? Or should I just take the HCL without the caffeine pills along with the NO? I'm not really looking for a complete rush followed by a crash, and I'm only taking the HCL for weight loss purposes. In essence I guess the question is is ephedrine + NO a good mix?

    This really only applies to 3 days of the weeks, as I dont take NO before cardio.

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    i would just skip the caffiene pills and take the ephedra + no product u should be fine

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