Does anyone make an unflavored protein?

  1. Does anyone make an unflavored protein?

    I am looking for a protein supplement, preferably powdered, to mix in with savory sauces and shakes. Everything seems to be sweet and dessert-like. I am aware of egg white supplements, but just wanted to see if anyone knew of anything else.


  2. I beleieve all the whey and true protein both carry a un flavored protein, they are both sponsors here.

  3. Designer Whey makes a natural flavored protein.

  4. NOW whey isolate. amazing value for an isolate.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up finding quite a few by googling them. Has anyone tried them in cooking sauces like marinaras? If so how are they?

  6. you can't heat them very warm or they get nasty and gel up. unflavored doesn't mean no taste either it just has natural whey taste which isn't so hot. you can cover it with many different drinks though

  7. So it would probably be okay in a vegetable shake?

  8. yeah, that would cover it. I use it in iced coffee too

  9. just out of curiosity, how does completely unflavored/unsweetened whey actually taste? is it bitter in any way?

  10. more sour-ish than bitter. its like non-dairy creamer

  11. Thanks for the help. I will try the iced coffee. I looked on Nutraplanet for an unflavored protein, but couldn't find there one on there that I'm missing? I will look into the ones that y'all told me about though.

    I'm open to any other suggestions on how to use it.

  12. I bought a 10lb bag of NOW Isolate a while ago. The taste isn't bad, but it doesn't mix as easily as other protein powders I've had.

    2 things I've found it very valuable for, especially when cutting.

    Protein Jello. I can get two full scoops mixed into a small box of jello. Tastes exactly like regular jello. If you're cutting, get the sugar free jello.

    Soup. I take a can of chicken soup, microwave it a minute. Stir in a scoop of whey with a little extra water, microwave another thirty seconds or so. High protein soup, you can't taste the whey.

    But like I said, with NOW brand anyway, it doesn't mix the best. It's usually better to blend/shake it in a little water before mixing into anything.

    Haven't tried it in marinara yet. Probably better off blending it with straight tomato juice before stirring it into thick sauce.

  13. Good suggestions. I'll be sure to try the jello! My husband loves jello, so to make it high-protein I may just get the wife-of-the-year award.


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