Nutritional Wonders Omega 3 Oils and Depression

In recent years it has been discovered that adding fish oil to the diet can alleviate omega 3 oils and depression. People that were taking one gram of omega 3 fatty acids displayed far less symptoms than those that did not take the supplement. In fact, the results are so empowering that a Harvard psychiatrist wrote a book he penned The Omega 3 Connection showing that omega 3 oils and depression was not only possible but it was highly probable.

How Does Omega 3 Oils and Depression Effect One Another?

Omega 3 oils and depression isn?t as simple to explain as it sounds but by starting lets simplify the equation and see what we come up with. How many times were you told as a child to eat that piece of fish so you could get smarter? Fish food is good food because it make you smarter? If these sound familiar to you than you might be surprised to know that this is not just an old wives tale, there is actually truth to this one.

Our brains are made up of these essential fatty acids and DHA that is found in omega 3 oils and depression. In fact, over half of the brain is made up of DHA so the more you can consume, maybe its true that the smarter you will get!

It is also as important as the levels of DHA in your brain that you be particularly choosy in selecting the omega 3 oils and depression can be achieved from fish oil, as all things are not created the same. Less expensive products can be manufactured improperly as well as be harvested in unclean areas that are largely polluted and the end result can often be traces of heavy metals and other toxins in the product.

When deciding on your supplier of omega 3 oils and depression control products, be sure that the product you are purchasing is molecularly distilled as this is the only known safest, most effective way to remove all of the toxins and contaminants while retaining all of the benefits and quality of the omega 3 fatty acids. By molecular distillation, the product rendered is one of high grade and in fact, it is labeled ?pharmaceutical grade? and can be identified as such and have no toxins or other pollutants in them.

It is of equal importance to ensure that the fish used in the process were harvested in clean waters and in the case of fish oils, New Zealand is one of the last most perfect places on earth to harvest fish that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

We have found a pure pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled fish oil product that is naturally high in DHA and EPA.

Coming from the Hoki Fish Located on the pristine southern coasts of New Zealand, where the waters are extremely low in pollution and toxins. Discover the best fish oil product on the market today and the one we ourselves personally use. We recommend you learn more: Omega 3 Fish Oil

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By: Jean Helmet