Overview on the History of Ginkgo Biloba

The history of ginkgo biloba is closely related to China, as this tree originates from this country. More precisely, ginkgo biloba originates from two regions of China, which are named Guizhou and Anhui. Nowadays, exemplars of wild ginkgo biloba trees can still be found in those regions.

In our times, this tree is regarded as a living fossil, because all the other plants from its order existed 270 million years ago. The plants that are related to ginkgo biloba initially spread across a wide area of Asia, but after a while, they became rarer. Ginkgo biloba seems to be the only survivor, fact that sustains the fact that it is unique. Another fact that makes it unique is its longevity. According to some scientists, trees that have an age of 2500 and even 3000 years have been discovered in some regions of China.

People who have studied the history of ginkgo biloba declared that some particularities of this plant permitted such longevity. The slow reproduction rate, the large distribution and the habitat of the ginkgo biloba tree helped this herb to preserve so good. As it has been shown, this herb grew only on light soils, near the rivers. Later, people have been able to acclimatize it to other conditions.

Some people who analyzed the history of ginkgo biloba observed that this medicinal herb has been used both in the Chinese traditional medicine and in the Chinese cuisine from a long time ago. While the Chinese cuisine makes use of the nuts and seeds of this tree, the Chinese traditional medicine uses the roots of ginkgo biloba. Later, in Europe, people started to use the leaves for producing supplements. As great amounts of leaves would be necessary to produce a remedy, people decided to use an extract from the leaves.

According to the history of ginkgo biloba, this herb has been used by the Chinese people for a long time in the treatment of several conditions. Although the active ingredients were not known in the past, this herb has always been regarded as a memory booster. In addition, the circulation of the blood throughout the entire body was also improved by using leaves or roots from the ginkgo biloba trees.

The Chinese doctors that have used this medicinal herb in the past also knew that it is capable to treat certain sexual dysfunctions, such as impotence. More recently, doctors determined that it is effective in the treatment of dementia and Alzheimer?s disease.

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