1. Ecdysten

    Any info on this? Anybody who has used it?

  2. ecdysterone? I think its from yams. I might be wrong. But i have taken it before. You have to take quite a bit of mg, for it to work. But i made some good gains from it, about 10 lbs if i can remember. I also stacked it with bcaa's at high dose. If this is ecdysterone then yeah ive taken this product.

  3. It's a special kind of Ecdysten (Ecdypure, apparently, as opposed to Rhaponticum Carthamoides (sp?)). It would seem you take significantly less mg's than you would with the RC ecdysterone.

  4. Mr Brightside this is the stuff found in Anagen

  5. ECDY is a very debatable topic related to physical performance. Lots of info in AM already, try to do a search. I'd also say the mg's are too low and would aim for several grams per dose.

  6. Sinner and I have a huge thread on the efficacy of ecdy along with physiological effects.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. thanks Rodja, with that being said, what is the best supplement to buy? some ecdysterone stuff i been looking at is only dosed at like 15 mg per serving.

  8. There's a thread in the AMS company forum about a transdermal version, possibly being offered, later this year. They haven't provide any specific date of release. Perhaps if you post there and show interest it could get some more attention from them.


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