Scivation's Anagen

  1. Scivation's Anagen

    1. Is this discontinued altogether?
    2. If it isn't could we push for this to get back in stock at Nutra? I'd love to try it.

  2. Gone the way of the dodo
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. This isn't my night.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by MrBrightside View Post
    This isn't my night.
    Very few people loved it more than me. One of my favorite supplements ever.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. You can still buy it on clearance as some of the old sponsor sites.

  6. FYI, there's an ebay seller with a stash of this.

  7. FYI, I'm there!

  8. why did they get rid of it anyone know?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    why did they get rid of it anyone know?
    I think it didn't sell well


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