Hoodia and Weight Loss

A new diet supplement to recently come on the scene is made from a south african cactus called hoodia gordonii. Hoodia has bee used for many years by south african bushmen to stave off the effects of hunger. Recently a 60 minutes special gave mass exposure to hoodia as a diet supplement and found it to be very effective without any side effects.

For years drug companies have tried to isolate the compound in hoodia that is responsible for its strong appetite suppression. Recently they have done so in an attempt to synthesis and market this compound as a drug, but they have been unable to produce it in mass quantities. The fortunate thing for dieters that may want to take advantage of hoodia's appetite reducing effects is that pills made from ground up hoodia have the same effect as the drug.

Hoodia has yet to undergo a double blind study to determine its effectiveness as a weight loss supplement, but reports from users paint a positive picture. There are no reported side effects from hoodia and it can really keep a dieter from getting hungry.

There are many companies fighting for a marketshare of hoodia and it has become very competitive. Many of the popular weight loss companies have added hoodia to their supplements. The supplements combined with hoodia are very powerful for weight loss, but hoodia even by itself is very powerful as an appetite suppressant.

When you take hoodia it is still important to eat a sensible diet and exercise regularly. Exercising at least 30 minutes per day is very important. If you are serious about weight loss, try to exercise daily and add hoodia diet pills to your diet regimen.

Jameson Simpson is a weight loss researcher. He owns several educational websites about weight loss and health related issues.

By: Jameson Simpson