Which Protein Glutamine And Creatine Supplements Are Best

I was recently asked the question of what supplements to buy that would work the best. Specifically which brands of protein, glutamine and creatine. Well, when you ask questions, you get answers and answers lead to getting results. Sometimes you save some money too.

There are a lot of supplement companies out there that want your business and that means a lot of confusion as to what company is the best. The more money to be made in an industry, the more ads out there vying for your attention. Every supplement company says you need their product or you won't get any results. The actual truth of the matter is that more often than not it comes down to a question of taste and not the quality of the supplement from any given company. As far as if you need the supplement to get results or not, no, you don't.

Sometimes the quality of the protein is technically better in one product than the other but the fact of the matter is that they both still get into your system easier than a steak. So what's the problem? My body likes steak and people have gotten results from steak along for years so therefore any protein supplement will do the trick. I honestly buy the cheapest protein I can find as long as it says "Whey Protein", I'm on it. I actually would take egg protein if it was available but it's getting harder to find these days.

Same thing goes for glutamine. I like some companies better than others. Why? Mostly because of the snazzy package it comes in. Any of the major brands have to be quality tested. It?s the law. Every month though, they come out with a wonder magic ingredient that is supposed to make the glutamine or creatine mix all that more potent and as a side benefit they charge you an extra $20 and tack on a celebrity endorsement. You see this a lot with the Mixed Martial Arts endorsements these days. Its just business and it?s a business that works. More often than not, an aspiring MMA fighter will look at what Chuck Liddell takes and think if Chuck uses it, then its good enough for me.

For the essential fatty acids I do like Udo's oil but that?s more for the fact that I have been using it for years. There are several other EFA oils out there like Omega 3-6-9 blends or even straight up flax seed oil that will do just fine. Usually whatever the health food store clerk suggests is probably good unless they are obviously just pushing the expensive brand to increase profit or commission.

I would suggest buying your supplements from a health food store and not a "bodybuilding" type store. Every time I go into the latter, I end up being pumped to buy every latest supplement that is the new wonder thing and the sales people of course are very convincing. That?s why they are sales people! Stay away, keep your hand on your wallet and ask someone that has actually been to school for this stuff and doesn?t get their info second hand from this months muscle magazine.

Ray Burton is a motivational speaker, an ISSA-certified personal trainer,

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By: Raymond Burton