Ginkgo Biloba and Athletes

Ginkgo biloba is a medicinal herb that is recognized all over the world for its memory improving capacities. However, scientists have been able to prove that this herb can also be useful to people who do not suffer from memory disorders. The connection between ginkgo biloba and athletes has been made ever since the antioxidants have been discovered to help people who take part in intense physical exercise.

Training that is done very often usually leads to fatigue. Furthermore, both mental and physical tiredness lead to a low power of concentration. By improving the blood flow to the brain and to the other organs, ginkgo biloba seems to solve this problem. In addition, as the blood represents the carrier of the oxygen from the lungs to all the other organs, ginkgo biloba also improves the oxygenation of the brain.

Furthermore, the connection between ginkgo biloba and athletes is sustained by the antioxidant substances contained by the ginkgo biloba extract. Although scientists have been able to establish more than 40 active substances in the ginkgo biloba extract, two of them seem to be the most important. These substances are named flavonoids and terpenoids and represent two types of antioxidants.

They enhance the immune system and prevent diseases that would lead to memory disorders. In addition, the antioxidants slow down aging of the brain and boost the energy. By increasing the energy, the performance of the athletes increases. An additional effect related to the increased energy is the decrease of the stress and depression levels.

As it is known, depression represents the most frequent cause of memory disorders and especially of memory loss. The decrease of the depression level is also achieved by the change in the mood that is determined by the antioxidants.

The association between the benefic effects of ginkgo biloba and athletes is furthermore sustained by the enhanced hand-to-eye synchronization. By doing this, the ginkgo biloba extract helps the athletes to prevent injuries of the eyes and of the brain. It is known that when damage is inflicted to the brain, memory loss may appear easily.

Furthermore, the link between the benefits of ginkgo biloba and athletes is also realized by the improvement of the reaction times. The memory supplements that are based on this medicinal herb are believed to enhance the attention, which is a very important fact to people who practice sports. By being responsive all the time, people get the chance to improve their performances.

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By: Jean Helmet