3AD or Bold200

  1. 3AD or Bold200

    I have been doing alot of research and these both seem like they produce solid but slower gains, and have very little sides. Gyno is almost unheard of with these products, which is great.

    I was wondering, of the two which will give you more size and strength faster????

    Was going to run either 3AD at 6 caps daily or Bold 200 800mg ED.

  2. hey Andrew732 cant send pms yet,

    ok so 3AD, heard 6 caps is where its at. Does 3AD cause any gyno problems? I have not heard many cases of gyno from it.

    What kind of gains u tihnk most pl get runinng 2ad and for how long? Should I get 3ad by anabolic xtreme?

    whats ATD Bold?

  3. I'm just finishing up a BOLD 200 cycle actually. about 7.5 weeks of 800mg a day. about to start Reversitol. Gotta say I haven't noticed much. A slight increase in appetite and a little extra in the gym. maybe a few pounds can be attributed to it.

    honestly, unless stacking with another compound, just forget about bold. Takes too long too kick in, and its rather pricey for a well dosed cycle. But it works well enough and safe enough to be considered a beginner PH.

    I don't have an opinion on 3AD because I've never tried it. I've heard mixed reviews on it though.

  4. Bump

    Anyone got 3AD experiences??

  5. Oooh, I do! I do!! PICK ME!!!

    With dosing, it is really weight dependent. If you are below 220lbs, taking 6/day would be overkill. You don't need that much unless you have some pretty extensive PH use experience behind you. Otherwise, 4/day is where it's at for you. 22.5 days, 1 bottle at 4/day, is a great start, but many are doubling the time to 45 days to ride it out as long as they can. Bold is ok from what I've read, but it needs to be run for quite some time before seeing results. 3-AD can hit as early as week 1 or as late as end of week 2...user dependent.

    Gyno issues should not be any at all. Unless you already have gyno, in which case ANYTHING that affects hormone levels can cause a flare-up, 3-AD will not outright give you gyno. It just won't happen.

    Any questions, just fire away!
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  6. at 6 caps a day for 45 days what gains do users typically report in terms of size/weight and strength gains?


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