switching it up what do you suggest

  1. switching it up what do you suggest

    so ive recently started to train for a strongman competition comming up in march. now i have a delema. i want to drop about 20 pounds by this contest just so i can be faster and have more endurance but i want to get alot stronger for the competition. so what supps do you recomend for this. im thinking dth, and idk what for a fat burner. im 18 and about 275-280. my plans are to keep strength training, work on the strongman training, high protien diet with like 100g carbs a day. what do you think?

  2. I think you are setting goals that are far too lofty. I know a WSM competitor and he has a hard time gaining at 295 and he eats close to 9k a day. If you are lifting and event training, you are going to need a lot of calories to compensate. I wouldn't drop a macro that low. You basically have less than 8 weeks to drop 20 lbs. That's 2.5 lbs a week while doing a pretty hefty program. I do not see how you, naturally, are going to drop that much weight, eat that little and be able to build strength for events and are expecting a supplement to make the difference. You should have given yourself 16 weeks at least for something like this and no supplement will make up for the lack of planning. My advice is to try to drop 10lbs and not my dropping macros, but by upping your workload and working on your work capacity.

  3. thanks, i figured that it would be to difficult of a goal. i wasnt looking for a supp for a quick fix just to help out since ill be busting my ass crazy now. but as for time this was kind of dropped on my i started talking to guys at my gym and thats the closest show and i really want to give it a shot. but i really cant get away with lowering my carbs and nothing else?

  4. Mariusz Pudzianowski said it best. when he eats more than what he was supposed to he just trains harder. the dude eats like 6 candy bars a day. i don't think there's anyway you'd be able to train like u want with only 100g of carbs. go into ur competition as strong as possible and if u wanna lose 20lbs ur gonna have to plan better next time.

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