Supplements for harder muscles

  1. Supplements for harder muscles

    Are there any supplements specifically designed to harden muscles? Is activate xtreme a good candidate for this, thanks.

  2. Research, research, research. Look through people's logs and other Supplement posts. There are loads of products that will claim to give a pump but from the logs you could try AP, P-Slin, plasmajet, Prime, etc., etc., etc.

    I've used Xtreme and it did well in building muscle but I didn't get anywhere near the hardness/fullness that I did when using PowerFull so wouldn't be a choice if I was purely looking for muscle hardness.

  3. drive
    SFW and GFH

  4. Stoked/AX stack did wonders. Alot will depend on how good your diet is.
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  5. Forslean, Anabolic Pump, P-slin, Recreate, Retain 2



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