ppl from Australia.. How much is ZMA?

  1. ppl from Australia.. How much is ZMA?

    for ppl from Australia...do u buy your ZMA locally.. if so, how much do you pay for it?

    I looked around twostores here, it's $44.95 for a bottle of 90 tablets (i.e 30 serves). Considering ppl in US are getting it for $12.95, 44 is a rip off
    But i want to know if it's just the stores i went to, or if it's like that in many places.


  2. It's the same kind of rip-off here in Canada. 30 servings will run you 30-40 dollars. It's why I just stocked up on 6 months worth of http://www.nutraplanet.com/product/p...-180-caps.html

  3. I only buy my basic vitamins and protein in Aus - nearly all the vendors are thieving hounds!

    It's still cheaper to buy everything else from NP - just do bulk purchases if you can, to minimise the freight (it's a scale of economies thing)

  4. aiight.. cheers guys.
    cheers for the link steve..

    Yea, i thought about purchasing in Aus (since Aus dollar decline has made NP products more expensive for us) but doing all the calculations.... NP is still way cheaper than locally

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