what should i run next?

  1. what should i run next?

    wrapping up a 60 day x factor / activate extreme stack ...

    open to your expertise

  2. If i were you i'd pry go for some creatine(neovar, green mag, etc.), Drive and Rpm are good options. I've also heard good things about Jacked, Anadraulic State, and Igf 2. BTW what kind of gains did you receive from that stack?

  3. 5'10..39 years old. 218 to 226 .... mirror shows I made significant gains in bi's, tri's, shoulders, and some chest. Planning to cut beginning of april. Dosed 2 and 2 3x a day religiously. 15 lbs of whey and a medicore diet.

  4. well drive and rpm are supposed to be a great stack and also good for cutting. i'd give it a look if i were you, especially stacked with neovar and igf 2. also you will need a multi, and bcaa's are always nice
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