ALA with a low carb diet?

  1. ALA with a low carb diet?

    Hi, I'm currently doing the Anabolic Diet, taking in a maximum of 30 carbs a day,would it be wise for me to supplement my low carb diet with ALA?

  2. I think it's a good idea... ALA will assist in keeping you in ketosis.

  3. what is ALA?

  4. alpha lipoic acid,theres a pretty detailed write up on about it....Id post it but I cant post links yet

  5. You can use it during your carb ups and it will really help keep your bloat down, or you can use it after your carb up to get back into your fat burning state. I hate to say ketosis because AD really is not intended to be a keto diet but you get the point.
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  6. good deal, it just got delivered today!


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