need some suggestions

  1. need some suggestions

    I want to get xtend with my order. I also on a budget. So in the long run would it be cheaper to buy the beta alanine and bcaa in bulk? or just get some xtend? help please

  2. if your eatting enough meats and drinking protein ur bcaas are well takin care of for the day.any extra bcaas pills or powder is basically getting pissed away. beta alanine has worked for me on the days i consume it preworkout for given me a few extra reps. make sure your preworkout supp dosent already include beta alaine, cuz if it does i wouldnt add more, because your not going to get anything extra from it

  3. Typically bulk is the cheaper route to go. BTW bulk amino's are bitter and probably will need something to mask the taste. Most recommend crystel light, so factor that into your cost as well. If you want to pound down the amino's bulk is best but if you prefer to sip on them during wo then the xtend is what I would choose.

  4. Depends if you can stomach some pretty bland BCAA's. The price difference isn't that much ($40 vs $43), so I would probably suggest just going with Xtend b/c it is better tasting & mixes easier.

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