Protein Factory POST-CYCLE

  1. Protein Factory POST-CYCLE

    What's everyones opinion of this for Post-Cycle? One guy at EF swears this brought him back from "Deca Dick", and a number of others seem to like it. I only see a nice liver protector but I'm wary of its claims to restore nat. test. levels.

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size 3 Capsules (once per day)
    Servings per Container 30
    Milk Thistle:80%Silymarin 100mgs
    Epimedium 500 mgs
    N-Acetyl Cysteine 50 mgs
    Pirkoliv (Ayurvedic herb) 100 mgs
    r-ALA 10 mgs
    Lecithin (containing Phosphatidyl Choline) 250 mgs
    Maca 500 mgs
    Calcium D-Glucarate 25 mgs
    5, 7 Dihydroxyflavone 500 mgs
    Bioperine 5 mgs
    Cindium Monnieri 50 mgs
    Zinc Aspartate 15 mgs
    Arginine 250 mgs

  2. if they're my nuts im trying to restore Im sticking with 6oxo

  3. Stick with what works. Not much in there impresses me.

  4. I see a couple things in there that are aimed more at erections than restoring test levels. Which would certainly make one THINK it was helping him recover.
  5. Yes, that's the claim

    The marketing says something about morning wood. I talked to the owner own the phone and he told me "prohormones don't work." Which I find strange, because they clearly do.

  6. I tend to not believe supps that try to put a lot of crap into their dosages just to end up with low doses of everything. Ex. AST's andros, and that is what this looks like, 10mg of r-ala, what the hell is that?


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