PWO Advice

  1. PWO Advice

    Hey everyone, my first post is just a little needed advice..what do you all think of my PWO shake?

    25 grams whey whey hydrosylate
    70 grams WMS
    5 grams Na-RALA
    5 grams glutamine
    10 grams bcaa
    7 grams leucine
    3 grams Na-RALA

    Is there too much or too little of something? Any extra ingredients i could add in? Thanks alot!
    ok haha i meant 300 mg of Na-RALA.

  2. I would take the hydroslate at a different time, either before your workout or about 30 minutes after the WMS shake. The reason being that WMS needs to be about 70% of the total solution to be effective, if you use the whey and slow down the absorption of WMS you are just paying for an expensive complex carb where you could easily replace it with ground up oats or something similiar.
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  3. 5 grams NR-ALA?!?!

  4. 3 grams NA-RALA not 5. is 3 too much?

  5. 300mg is a normal dose of NaRALA. That is a ton of sh!t in a post-WO drink. Seems like major overkill to me.

    I would do:
    300mg NaRALA
    wait 15 minutes
    75g WMS
    15g BCAA
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  6. never tryed 300mg NaRALA. whats so great about it?

  7. glucose disposal agent ....enhance insulin sensativity ..possible increased nutrient uptake

  8. Quote Originally Posted by steveironman View Post
    glucose disposal agent ....enhance insulin sensativity ..possible increased nutrient uptake
    interesting.. ill look into it. best taken post workout and not pre?

  9. ive just been using torrent as of lately.. i like it

  10. Quote Originally Posted by joshweights View Post
    interesting.. ill look into it. best taken post workout and not pre?
    imo yes ...pwo...

  11. well first of all like stated WMS needs to be completely dissolved by the stomach to be effective. So this is wat i would do 10 minutes after workout take a WMS (kwik carbs a good choice) about 60 grams is fine and 5 grams of creatine mono would be a good choice. then 30 minutes later take a whey protein shake (there is no need for hydreslate w.e. it is) all u need is a quality whey protein shake to save some money (ON and Sciavation are two good proteins ) and throw in some NP BCAA and EAA about 1-2 scoops and if you want 5g of Leucine that should b ur pwo supplements. If you feel the need to throw in 5g of glutamine put it in you WMS shake and 3000mg of na rala is enuff no more no less you can choose to put it in your protein shake


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