Break after a cycle (not steroids)????

  1. Break after a cycle (not steroids)????

    I was wondering if you guys take a week off after an 8 weeker of HDX2/MFX, X-FACTOR, or JW. I usually take a week off every 8 weeks. After the AX stack I took a week off and felt I lost some of my gains. Possibly because the stack is a test booster and my test took a dip since I stopped the stack and stopped going to the gym for a week (double whammy). I am about to run the JW in a few weeks and was wondering if I should go 8 weeks and take a week off or continue 2 more weeks, doing a light PCT and getting everything back to normal before taking a week off. Any ideas?

  2. I always do take the obligatory weeks off after a cycle of any sort. It's always good to do, and your body will thank you for it.

    FYI - the AX stack isn't a "test booster" and you wouldn't take any dive from it. You really gotta just keep pluggin away at it, man.
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  3. Yes I would take at least 2 weeks off.

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