a higher-end EPA/DHA liquid fish oil for home made gainer shakes.

  1. a higher-end EPA/DHA liquid fish oil for home made gainer shakes.

    can anyone recommend a good brand of liquid fish oil in particular? I'd like something I can add into a whey shake to make it more of a home made weight gainer, I was thinking 20g of whey with fish oil & a tblspn or so of some organic oat flour for a touch of carbs.

  2. check out nordic naturals. They have quality stuff and they do have it in liquid form with high concentrations of epa/dha.

  3. One Teaspoon Contains:
    EPA: 825 mg
    DHA: 550 mg
    Other Omega-3s: 350 mg
    Vitamin E: 30 IU

  4. does it taste fishy

  5. Here's what I've used:


    Nutritional info needs updated, and obviously not entirely Omega-3. Good product overall.

  6. the nordic is not fishy to me, they do use a lemon flavor that cuts the fish flavor very well.


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