Cortisol and Lecithin

  1. Cortisol and Lecithin

    Does the Phosphatidylserine (PS) in Soy Lecithin lower cortisol?

  2. the answer to your question is possibly ..but id read below info just FYI so you can make an informed decision on this.

    Originally Posted by steveironman
    eat a lot a fatty fish (salmon) or take fish oil capsules...they contain phospholipids our body uses to produce phosphadyldserine all by the level we need..depending on the stress we it should be.....cortisol is also benficial and necessary and you dont want it lower in some ways ..while intense exercise will temporarily raise cortisol ..if the above nutrient are avail the body will have enough ps on its own and the levels will quickly return to normal. Good diet plus inexpensive (but quality) fish oil caps ..or soemthing that sabotages a beneficial hormone(see below) i know my choice. ...JMO....

    BTW - this is what cortisol does...some pretty good benefits for our purposes..the body regulates itself perfectly without screwing with its benficial hormones....

    Cortisol is very important for keeping humans alive. Cortisol is responsible for maintaining our ability to process sugars, maintain our blood pressure and react to stress and illness. Cortisol helps the body respond to stress. During times of stress, cortisol levels
    increase and accelerate the breakdown of proteins to provide the fuel to maintain body functions. It acts as a physiological antagonist to insulin by promoting breakdown of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins and so mobilizing energy reserves. In addition, immune and inflammatory cells have their responses to stress attenuated by cortisol. Cortisol is known to stimulate gluconeogenesis (creation of glucose) to ensure an adequate fuel supply. It also makes fatty acids available for metabolic use. It increases mobilization of free fatty acids, making them a more available energy source, and decreases glucose utilization, sparing it for the brain. Cortisol also acts as an anti-inflamatory agent. It depresses immune reactions, and increases the vasoconstriction caused by epinephrine.

    BTW - if you read the above carefully most of the benfits of cortisol are essetail for our purposes...essential... the body will easily keep cortisol below catabolic levels regardless of stress applied as long as the nutrient i talked about above are present.

    This is just my opinion on this phospholipid (PS)


    Bill Roberts take on cortisol :

    "Contrary to the other claims, there is no evidence, nor good reason to believe, that reducing cortisol below normal would be of benefit to the weight training athlete, and considerable evidence that it is a bad idea. "

    just some data and respected opinion re this topic for you...

  3. Thanks Steve

  4. As i can remember it cannot lower cortisol below baseline but will help with any increase in cortisol levels..

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kc2554 View Post
    Thanks Steve
    u r welcome bro.....



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