1. Talking ecdysterone

    I was thinking about using high doses of 20 beta ecdysterone . I have read some articles about this herb and read that u need high doses above 1000mg a day for solid results . I want to try some sort of an all natural stack this time around . Any input would be helpful . thanx .

  2. I'd use Muscletech supplements before ecysterone, that's how much I think this is worth...

    Not surprising that they tell you that you need over 200 capsules of their product a way to see results, afterall, that'll make you consume more...

    I'd stay clear of those and look for something more effective that's also "natural"

  3. what do u think about the new product cryotest ???

  4. Quote Originally Posted by superbot View Post
    what do u think about the new product cryotest ???
    i think you should leave that one alone.

  5. yeah i hear ya . muscletech is all about super advertising . like jay cutler got superhuman on celltech . hmmm .

  6. Ecdy has a place in supplementation, it's just not where most think it is. As an ergogenic aid, it's awesome, but it is NOT a mass builder. Among its uses are: nitrogen retention, increased VO2, increased EPO production, improved rest, vascularity, and pumps. Don't expect to gain a significant amount of LBM from it.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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